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We have the key to your next rental!


  1. Rental Agreement Signing
    1. Rentals Agreements are Signed via DocuSign
    2. Tenant(s) Signature On Required Forms-
      1. Rental Agreement
      2. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
      3. City Of Iowa City Information Disclosure
      4. Security Deposit Refund Information (if multiple tenants)
    3. Collection of Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent (post-dated to August 1st) – Tenant(s) Signature Required On The Receipt For Security Deposit AND Post-Dated Check For First Month’s Rent Form
  2. Signed Documents Emailed To Tenant(s) After Signing (unless hard copies are requested)
    1. Copy of Rental Agreement
    2. Copy of Security Deposit, First Month’s Rent Checks, and Receipt
    3. Copy of Lead-based Paint Disclosure Form
    4. Copy of City of Iowa City Information Disclosure
    5. Copy of Security Deposit Refund Information (if multiple tenants)
    6. Letter Regarding Important Contact Numbers
  3. Place Utilities In Your Name – any time in July
    1. Tenant(s) must have all utilities required per your Rental Agreement, on and active as of August 1 st (or day one of your Rental Agreement if different) in order to pick up your keys.
    2. Utilities must stay in your name from August 1st (or day one of your Rental Agreement) to the following July 25th .
    3. Please contact the utility companies below prior to August 1st to avoid a delay moving in, moving in with no power, or loss of power shortly after you move in.
      1. For Iowa City Units:
        1. MidAmerican Energy – Gas/Electric – 1-888-427-5632
        2. City of Iowa City – Water/Sewer/Trash – 1-319-356-5066
        3. City of Iowa City Website –
      2. For North Liberty Units:
        1. MidAmerican Energy – Gas – 1-888-427-5632
        2. Alliant Energy – Electric – 1-800-255-4268  or
        3. Linn County REC – Electric – 1-800-332-5420
        4. City of North Liberty – Water/Sewer/Trash – 1-319-626-5700
        5. City of North Liberty Website –
  4. Move-In August 1st – Items Provided at Move-In
    1. Keys and Receipt For Keys Form – Keys will be available after 8:00am on August 1st; early move-ins are not accommodated. If you need to pick up your keys on any other day after the 1st, you will need to email us in advance to make arrangements
    2. Move-In Acknowledgement Form – to be returned within 24 hours after move-in
    3. Move-In Inspection Form – to be returned 3 days after move-in
  5. Fall Inspection with Owner/Management (24 hour notice given via email)
  6. Renewal Notice (issued in October)
    1. If you plan to renew for another full year, a Rental Agreement will need to be signed in November.
    2. If you do not plan to renew for another full year, your unit will be listed as “for rent” in late October or early November, and you will be given 24 hour notice before showings. Showings will continue until your unit is rented for the following year.
  7. Spring Inspection with Owner/Management (24 notice given via email)
  8. Move-Out Checklist (issued in early June)
  9. Move-Out – July 25th at noon
    1. Rental unit needs to be restored to the condition it was at the commencement of your Rental Agreement.  Please read Move-Out Cleaning Guide
    2. Utility service taken out of your name as of July 25th; not the actual day you move out
    3. Keys need to be left on kitchen counter – if keys are not returned, you will be charged the cost to rekey and/or change the locks
    4. Leave Forwarding Address Form For Security Deposit Refund on counter as well as carpet cleaning receipts
  10. Move-Out Inspection To Be Completed By Owner/Management – between July 25th and July 31st
    1. Inspection report
    2. Move-Out pictures taken
  11. Security Deposit Refund (mailed within 30 days of the last day on Rental Agreement)